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· Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board


· For the 2006 recommendation regarding qualification of CO2 capture and storage as CDM project activities (not yet acted upon), see Annex 13 to the 26th meeting of the CDM Executive Board.


· POZNAN, POLAND 2008— In December of 2008, the UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCC) met as part of the preparations for negotiating a “post-Kyoto” agreement.  The question for whether CCS should be approved as a CDM methodology was debated, but action was again postponed. 

· Homepage for The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poznan, 1-12 December 2008.

· The Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice discussed the proposal to include CCS in CDM Methodology.  Opposition came from several countries that expressed the concern that allowing CCS to qualify could disrupt the market for qualifying offsets (in effect by reducing CO2 emissions so sharply that it would “crowd out” smaller-scale projects).  Notwithstanding a compromise proposed by the European Union and supported by others, the SBSTA declined to approve inclusion at this time.  The two-paragraph decision can be found at:

· SBSTA’s Decision, 29th Session, Poznan, 1-10 December, 2008

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