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From the Federal Trade Commission . . .


Investigation of potential abuse

Two Republican Congressmen have raised concerns about potential abuse in

the marketing of CO2 offsets  and have asked the Government Accountability

Office (GAO) to investigate:

· Barton, Shimkus Ask GAO to Review Carbon Offsets’ Integrity


The request for the GAO investigation can be found below

·  GAO Carbon Offsets Letter

January 8, 2008 Public Workshop

The FTC held a full day hearing on CO2 offset markets and possible problems.  The public workshop on January 8, 2008 examined the emerging markets for carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates, and related advertising claims, focusing on consumer protection matter (including in particular advertising and marketing claims).  The Commission stated that "the workshop served as one component of the FTC's regulatory review of the Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims." 


· 2007 FTC Workshop: Carbon Offsets & Renewable Energy Certificates

· A webcast or the full transcript of the Workshop is available here

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